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Plywood shelving
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Plywood accessories
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Client reviews

Andrus Needo
Krohwin OÜ
You can get a very good result at a reasonable price! The company is highly focused on development. I look forward to exciting new systems. You could go there just for the communication.
Priit Vahtra
Novarek OÜ
Durable and spacious shelves at a good price. They have been in use for almost two years now and show no signs of wear and tear. I recommend!!!
Erkki Naabel
Puiduhake.com OÜ
We got a lot of extra space and storage room in our van, and the products are well designed. Everything was sorted in an hour.
Antoine Blanchais
A shelf order to equip my Mercedes Vito commercial vehicle. I am very satisfied with both the speed of the commercial service and the delivery (paid on Friday, delivered next Friday in France). High quality products and suitable for public services. Thank you, Vanerex!
Pavel Jurjev
Very good quality and price!!! Highly recommend!!! P.S. I drove from Tallinn to Tartu, especially to get veneer installed for my Berlingo, and the result was worth it! Thank you!
Esa Hämäläinen
Fast delivery to Finland! Good value for money! I recommend👍
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