Why choose Vanerex’s plywood shelving?

Plywood van shelves are cheaper than a metal service vehicle interior, whilst offering equivalent performance.

Vanerex’s shelves are a handy solution with a thought-out design that will ensure the satisfaction of each user.
Installing accessories to the shelving unit provides ample opportunities to also take advantage of the sides of the shelves.
Shelf structure is strong and deformation-proof and installation is easy – every handyman can do it.

Why are van shelving systems useful for the company?

Van shelving is certainly useful for the worker, but first and foremost it benefits the business owners.

Companies that decide to buy van shelves lower their costs and increase productivity.
Thought-out van interior saves space, since materials and tools can be moved from the floor to the wall shelves, which leaves the floor space free.
This in turn makes the vehicle safer, because the floor is not scattered with objects that would “fly around” in case of an accident.
Fitting a van with shelves gives the opportunity to properly sort the materials and tools available in the vehicle, and thus create a sound order. Thanks to a good overview of the available materials; unnecessary trips to the store or warehouse will be reduced.
A decent car interior also helps to significantly reduce the time required for finding tools and materials.

Why is it necessary to line cargo space with plywood?

Lining cargo space with plywood is important, because most vans come from the factory completely without padding, or the cargo space padding is very minimal and purely for visual effect, rather than protective.

It is clear that such minimal protection is not enough, and this results in different body panel damages and dents inside the cargo compartment. Even worse are the outward bulging dents caused by fallen goods that will start to rust fairly quickly.

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of Estonian entrepreneurs that understand that lining vans with protective panels helps reduce vehicle depreciation and increase the residual value.

In Estonia, the most common material for lining is waterproof plywood, or film faced plywood, which compared to conventional plywood, has the advantage of better humidity tolerance and improved stain resistance.


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