• Compared to metal shelves, Vanerex shelves cost 2-3 times less.
  • It is cheaper to buy a ready-made product and use company’s valuable time for servicing clients.


  • The shapes and dimensions of shelves have been developed considering the specificities of vans’ bodywork, which make them as space-efficient and well-suited as possible.
  • Easy to assemble by yourself.
  • Shelf separators and plastic boxes provide considerably better opportunity for sorting and storing small items.
  • Additional accessories help improve functionality and comfort.

Cost Effective

  • In a well-organized van, finding the necessary tools and materials takes less time.
  • Shelf separators allow for a better overview of available materials, which in turn helps to avoid unnecessary trips to the store.
  • Lighter weight than steel helps to save the load capacity of the van and fuel consumption.


  • The construction of the shelf is made of 12mm thick waterproof birch plywood.
  • The structure is designed so that the shelf is as stiff and deformation-proof as possible.
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